Sample Schedule for 8-Month-Old

sample schedule 8-month-old sample schedule 8-month-old

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The eighth month is a funny one. Not ha ha funny (though maybe that, too), but a little tricky in that a few transitions are happening at once. There’s the transition from 3 naps to 2 (some 8-month-olds have already done this) and you’re also now in the swing of serving solids in addition to baby’s main dish of breastmilk or formula.

So, every family’s schedule with baby will look a little different, and factors like whether or not you have an older child, whether you work out of the house, whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding will also play in, as usual.

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New & Noteworthy this month


  • Some 8-month-olds are sleeping through the night, others are still doing 1-2 feedings. For those wanting to sleep train, here’s a lay of the land.
  • If baby has already dropped the third nap, you may be seeing more consolidated sleep: 2 solid naps each day at around 1.5 hours each, and awake periods around 3 hours long. With the dropped nap, it can be helpful to scoot up the bedtime a little earlier — like 30 min or so — to compensate. (Dust off that DVR, ladies! We’ll help you find something good to watch.)


  • The bulk of baby’s diet still comes from breastmilk/formula, but you’re also a few months into solids. Baby’s now ready to grab up more finger foods. Her pincer grasp is on point and she’s lost the tongue thrust reflex so can eat chunkier food with more texture like potato or squash dices, tofu cubes, or soft pasta.
  • Offer solids about an hour after a bottle/nursing session, and give a sippy cup with water at these “mealtimes.” Baby may not drink it, but it’s good for them to get used to water with meals and get some practice with the cup.

Here are two different sample schedules:

Sample Schedule for 8-Month-Old: 3 naps

7:00a – Wake and feed

8:00a- Breakfast (solids)

7:30a – Playtime

9:30a – Nap #1

10:30 – Wake & feed

10:45a – Playtime

11:30a- Lunch (solids)

12:30 – Breast milk or Formula

1:00 – Nap #2

2:00p – Wake and feed

2:15p – Playtime

4:00 – Catnap

4:30 – Wake and feed

4:45 – Playtime

5:30 – Dinner (solids)

6:15 – Begin evening wind-down routine: bath, massage, books, songs

7:30 – Breastmilk or formula, then bedtime

Sample Schedule for 8-Month-Old: 2 naps

7:00a – Wake and feed

7:30a- Playtime

8:00a- Breakfast (solids)

9:00a or 9:30a – Nap #1

11:00a- Wake and feed

11:15a- Playtime

12:00p – Lunch (solids)

1:30 or 2:00p- Nap #2

3:30p – Wake and feed

4:00p – Playtime

5:00p- Dinner (solids)

6:00p- Begin evening wind-down routine: bath, massage, books, songs

7:00p – Breastmilk or formula, then night-y night!