3 Outdoor Paint Activities

outdoor paint activities outdoor paint activities

Yep, it’s that time of year when I will let my kids go to town and paint however they want, on whatever they want… as long as it’s outside. These 3 outdoor paint activities will keep ’em happy and occupied.

Presley’s Instructions for splatter painting – love this 😉

Step 1) get a boul (bowl) to put water in!
Step 2) Get a water brush any kind you want
Step 3) Pick a water coler (color) you want you can have five that you pick for an azpal (example)
Step 4) if you are do (doing) splatter paint first you can not oustdipatad (outside dip a tad) of water then dip it in a water color because you need more water because when you shake the brush only a tad will come out
Step 5) Put your Brush in the water for like 20 seconds then put
Step 6) Then put brush in the water paint!
Step 7) then you put the brush in the water again and then splatter it works better I mean way better!
Step 100) Thank you!