3 Ways to Watercolor

ways to watercolor ways to watercolor

We love finding new twists on old materials.  These three ways to water color are simplebut not obvious, and had the kids feeling like Bob Ross’ happy trees. So glad that guy made it to Youtube, btw. 

1. Magic White Crayon

Draw a design in white crayon (think names, clouds, secret message).  When you paint with watercolor it magically appears because oil does not mix with water, so make sure your paint is pretty watery. 

2.  Water Color Doodles. 

This one is my favorite.  All you need to do is make random blobs of watercolor paint on your piece of paper. Feel free to mix the colors on the page and go crazy with it. You’ll then use a black permanent marker to make designs around them.  The contrast of the black ink with the watercolor is beautiful.

3. Homemade Stencils

We used cookie cutters (dinos, hearts, etc.) and just painted inside the lines.  Then, lift them  up you’ve got a really neat picture, perfect for a card!  You can also use hot glue as a barrier so that the colors do not bleed.  

The kids got really creative with these, mini artists in the making!

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