How to Save Money On Kids’ Activities

save money kids activities save money kids activities

Keeping your kids busy isn’t cheap. So before you go spending a lot of money on kids’ activities, here are some awesome tips to save big on everything from ballet to soccer.

#1 Free Trials and Discounts

Don’t commit before you know if your kids like something.  Free trial classes, sites like groupon and Facebook are a great way to give things a try.  Once you are ready to commit, ask for a discount for committing to a full year.  Or what about a refer-a-friend discount.  If you can, try to sign up early for leagues because they are often cheaper.

#2 Go Old School

Don’t forget about your local library, recreation center or YMCA.  Most have free or cheap classes.

#3 Get Creative

Try bartering with friends.  If you can teach her kids piano, maybe she’ll teach your kid to swim.  Kids are much more receptive to learning from someone other than you anyway.

#4 Cheap Hires

Two words: College Student.

#5 Be the Organizer

You can usually find a coach or instructor to come to your house for a flat hourly fee.  Invite 3-4 friends over and you cut that rate and combine learning with play date.  #winning

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Kathryn is mom to two little boys and passionate about finding ways for families to stretch a dollar - and have fun getting there. She is the mastermind behind Doitonadime on YouTube where she shares truly doable budget and organizing tips.