Turning Your Kids Artwork Into Adorable Clothing

Let’s face it, kids come home with a lot of artwork. We’re a fan of archiving our some of our favorites, and turning the other masterpieces into one-of-a-kind statement pieces


Using Plastic Wrap

  1. The first thing you’re going to do is take your artwork and make sure it fits wherever you’re going to place it without covering any seams.
  2. Grab your plastic wrap and place your artwork between to large pieces of wrap.  Flatten out any wrinkles, cut the excess plastic wrap around the artwork and top it off with a piece of parchment paper.  Almost time to start ironing!
  3. I lay everything out on a cutting board covered with a pillowcase.  The metal in an ironing board can damage the artwork. Trust me, I learned the hard way!  
  4. Iron over the parchment paper for at least two minutes sometimes longer depending on the size of your artwork.  You’ll know it’s ready when you lift the corners up and your plastic wrap fully adheres to your clothing.

NOTE: For this transfer method, it’s best to use clothing that you don’t wash often so I’m using an old jean jacket.

Using T-Shirt Transfer Paper

  1. Scan the artwork into your computer and print it out on the transfer paper.
  2. Next, cut out the image, remove the backing and arrange onto the shirt.  
  3. Lay the protective sheet over the picture that comes with the paper and then iron on for about two minutes.

Laura is the host of What’s Up Moms Style & Beauty series and the mom to two girls (6 & 4), two step-sons, and dog mom to one BooBoo. After her dream of being a midwife fell through (she fainted in a friend's delivery room), she enrolled in makeup school and learned some pretty awesome tricks along the way.