The Best Gifts For Elementary School Grads

best gifts elementary school graduates best gifts elementary school graduates

The end of elementary school marks a big transition, and a big, celebration-worthy milestone, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of the best gifts for elementary school graduates. Here’s something for every kid on your list; best of all, these gifts — even the small ones — are special enough to mark this rite of passage.

best gifts elementary school graduate

1. Doodle Crate subscription

For the creative kid, this is the gift that keeps on giving. They’ll love receiving a box bursting with projects every month, and it gives ’em a great way to spend some of those lazy summer afternoons.

best gifts elementary school graduate

2. Cozy PJ pants from iScream

Both sleepovers and lounging around the house call for cozy pants, natch. We hope you love donuts (who doesn’t?) because she’ll probably never take them off.

3. Digital frame

With so many great photos to share from their high-flyin’ elementary school days, why make them choose just one? This 10-inch frame displays hundreds of digital pics (horizontal and vertical) and comes with all kinds of cool options, like playing with or without your downloaded music. That’s fancy!

best gifts elementary school graduate

4. Personalized stationery

Make this milestone feel official with personalized stationary. Great for thank you notes and pen pal exchanges alike.

best gifts elementary school graduate

5. Life is Beautiful photo book

The places they’ll go are pretty amazing, but so are the places they’ve been. Send them on a nostalgic tour of their childhood with a beautiful, personalized photo book. They’ll delight in a trip down memory lane.

6. State backpack

Take her backpack game up a notch with this bling-tastic number. Add some key chains and you’ve got a serious fashion statement for the first day of middle school. Personalize it for an extra special touch. Plus, State gives backpacks to kids in need with every purchase.

7. Silicone wristband collection

Who knows why, but kids go bananas for wristbands and bracelets, so for their graduation, who wouldn’t love a stack of 12 of them with motivational quotes from Gandhi, Abe Lincoln and other greats from history? A fun, wearable piece for them to have with them as they head off to the next chapter.

8. Wireless & foldable headphones

If your grade school grad is a music lover, this gift will make them do a happy dance. Super clear sound, but equipped with safe volume-limiting. Just be aware that these headphones may not improve their listening skills… hello? I asked what you wanted for breakfast. Anyone hear me? Hello?

best gifts elementary school graduate9. Dr. Seuss-isms

Dr. Seuss’s books are full of wisdom that kids usually miss the first time around. Now that they’re older, they’ll appreciate these bits of life advice from one of their favorite childhood authors.

best gifts elementary school graduate

10. The Dangerous Book for Boys

Learn to fish, build a tree house, and a number of other important manly (and ahem womanly!) skills that will both impress your friends and come in handy at summer camp. This is a book that will serve him well beyond his grade school years and into adulthood.

best gifts elementary school graduate

11. iSlide gift card

At this age, they’re starting to cultivate their own sense of fashion. These fun and sporty slides can be customized any way you want, with your favorite sports team or faux fur. Serious style statement.

best gifts elementary school graduate

12. Straight Outta 5th Grade shirt

This novelty t-shirt is a hilarious gift, not just for your grad but for the whole class. And let’s be honest, it’s great for The ‘Gram too.

best gifts elementary school graduate

13. I Wrote a Book About You

If you want to go a more heartfelt route, look no further than this sentimental book, completely personalized for your grad. There might be some tears involved as you share your deepest thoughts with them, but they’ll treasure it forever.

best gifts elementary school graduate

14. Personalized Levi’s jacket

This denim jacket checks all the boxes: cute, practical, personalized, and a keepsake. Added bonus: it won’t end up in the lost and found at camp or school. #winning

best gifts elementary school graduate

15. Adidas duffel

This next-level duffel is perfect for the grad who’s finally grown out of that Spider-Man or Moana suitcase. Great for camp, traveling, or sports practice. There’s just no way not to feel like a big kid with this pro bag slung over your shoulder.

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