Gifts Your Dog Really Wants

gifts dog gifts dog

Dog has always been (wo)man’s best friend. Why should our fur babies be left out of the fun at holiday season?! Spoil them silly with these gifts that will have them jumping for joy.

gifts dog

Heated bed -Automatically responds to temp changes to keep your furball toasty.

gifts dog

Location tracker – Get a text or email when your pet leaves a designated safe place.

Nerf gun – Not just for humans! The perfect toy for dogs who like to play fetch — and their owners who like to kick back and relax.

Puffer vest– Keeps ‘em warm on blistery days — plus a chance for #twinning with the human.

Zogoflex disc– Basically a frisbee for pets. Pliable and flexible, so gentle on mouths.

Babble ball– Interactive toys that talk when touched. The gift of gab.

Wobble ball– A cousin of the above Babble Ball, if you will. This one glows in the dark and giggles when rolled or shaken.

Treat ball– Gotta work for it! They’ll stay busy for hours trying to nudge those treats out.

LED collar light Collar-bling in the form of a light to make sure your pup is visible at night.

Paw print ornament craft He’s part of the family, so doesn’t he deserve his own personalized ornament on the tree like all the other kids?

Furbo dog cam/ treat tosser– A splurge item that’s worth it if you’re away from home for long spans and want to be able to see your pet and dole out treats remotely.

Snuggle puppy – This kit is the equivalent of a security blanket for new dogs or puppies. Contains various soothing snuggly toys, a blanket, heat packs and teething aids to help dogs acclimate to life at home and deal with separation anxiety.

Canine DNA test– For the pet who wants to know his family history (why should humans have all the fun?) or for the human looking for more information on what breed their dog may be.

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