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This is a bigger ticket item with a bigger footprint and will make its home smack in the middle of your living space. Because this chair is going to be so conspicuous– especially if it lasts through a couple kids (which you hope it will) — it’s worth taking a minute to think this purchase through.

Best All-Around

Joovy Nook High Chair
Joovy Nook High Chair
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So many user friendly features at a way reasonable price. What’s not to love?

Pros: This chair boasts the easiest entry and exit of any chair we tested: the tray swings open and shut which means you can put your squirming child in and then snap the tray into place with one hand. You can adjust the tray’s distance from your child, and after mealtime can pop it off altogether and toss it in the dishwasher. The seat’s leather-like material is pretty easy to wipe down. It’s completely portable, easily foldable, and yet still feels nice and sturdy.

Cons: You’re gonna have a few crumbs burrowed in those seat nooks and crannies. C’est la vie.

Bottom line: The best buy for your money and won’t hurt your eyes.

Most Modern

Boon Pedestal
Boon Pedestal
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With its serious functionality and sleek, modern design, this is a well-designed, quality stationary chair that’s easy to clean and will last for years.

Pros: Possibly the coolest thing about this chair is its “pneumatic lift,” which is not an illness but a cool magical feature that allows you to position the chair at the table’s exact height by pressing a button with your foot. No tools! Entry and exit are easy since the tray pops off (chair comes with an extra). Neat-freaks rejoice: the one-piece seat is super satisfying to clean since there’s nowhere for crumbs to burrow. Tray is dishwasher-safe.

Cons: Pricey and not foldable for easy stowage and transport, though can be easily wheeled from one room to another.

Bottom line: If you like a modern, Jetsons-tinged aesthetic and have a little money to spend, this piece is a good one that won’t let you down.

Best for Minimalists

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair
Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair
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Another nice-to-look-at piece with high quality design – and a dose of Scandinavian flair.

Pros: So minimalist it’s barely there. The Norwegian wood chair comes in a wide range of colors so can easily blend into your home without screaming BABY LIVES HERE. Use the “Newborn Set” attachment (sold separately) for the first 6 months (though why you need a high chair at the infant stage is not totally clear), then ditch it for the plastic baby set (sold separately) which you can use until about 36 months. When you no longer need a high chair (yes, that day will come), remove the seat and you have a beautiful piece of kid-friendly furniture that can hold up to 187 pounds. Both the seat and footrest can be moved into various ergonomically correct positions.

Cons: $$$. The baseline price is steep to start with and each feature/ attachment piece must be purchased separately. That cute seat cushion for the baby seat, for instance: $44. Getting your child in and out can be tough – you have to lift them above the chair, stick their legs through the leg holes, and origami them into the sitting position. Depending on how hangry or tired they are, it’s not always pretty.

Fun fact: you can engrave your child’s name on the back of the chair. 
That’s fancy.

Best SuperDeluxe

Peg Perego Siesta
Peg Perego Siesta
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If you find yourself in the lucky position to splurge on a high chair that combines astronaut-chic with sports car functionality, this one may be your match.

Pros: Baby can use this chair from birth since it reclines (meaning you can strap her in for a safe nap while you cook)
. The main tray comes off for easy entry and exit, and chair comes with an extra tray top. Though crumbs will inevitably hide in the seat’s corners, wipe-down is easy enough.
 It folds up so you can hide it away, and it easily wheels around from room to room.
 A storage net on the seat back for bibs and spoons means one less thing to have to hunt down at meal time.

Cons: $$. It’s a really good chair, but others offer similar functionality for less than half the price.

Bottom line: If you happen to have the means — or, say, a generous benefactor — go for it. This is a super high end piece with lots of features that will grow with your child for years.

Best Sub-Bargain

Ikea Antilop
Ikea Antilop
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Yes, you get what you pay for, but for $20, this is an insane bargain, and depending on your situation, can be worth considering.

Pros: When you need an extra chair but don’t have extra money, this zero frills high chair is the way to go
. It’s unobtrusive aesthetically, lightweight, and, easy to use. While not foldable, it’s fairly easy to take apart. This is a great backup chair – perfect to keep at Grandma’s house or on hand the garage to use when you’re hosting.

Cons: It’s certainly sturdy enough to hold a baby, but if your kid is very large and/or particularly squirmy, you may find that this chair doesn’t feel substantial enough. Also, no adjustability.

Bottom line: A solid budget buy that, depending on your needs, could fit the bill.

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