Daily Affirmations, Revised for Parenting in a Pandemic

If you don’t already use positive affirmations in your daily life, you might want to consider adopting this practice. Affirmations can help you talk yourself out of a worry spiral when things feel overwhelming, which these days, might be every day! Here are 20 affirmations that are already revised for pandemic life.

  1. Today is a brand new day. I can choose to make it go differently than yesterday, even though all days are one and time has lost all meaning.
  2. I am a great parent when it comes to remote-learning classes, especially the class that is recess. 
  3.  I share my unique talents and gifts with the world by loading and unloading the dishwasher 20 times a week.
  4.  My worth is infinite, and not connected to my ability to understand Common Core math assignments.
  5.  Each day, we are making great memories, like the time my child made 100 art projects and then found one of them in the recycling bin and wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the day.
  6. I can conquer my fears. Just like I conquered my fear of appearing in the background of a family member’s Zoom call in my pajamas by purchasing pajamas that look like pants.
  7. I possess the qualities I need to block out the conversation I overheard in my child’s video call about someone having a 20-person slumber party last week.
  8. I feel proud of myself when I successfully set the 100 alarms required for remote learning and work Zoom meetings.
  9. I don’t sweat the small stuff; I sweat everything regardless of size.
  10. I am doing my best today, not like yesterday when my child dumped milk on my laptop and I almost jumped in the car to begin a new life in another country.
  11.  I am grateful for my health and the fact that I am not the one teaching a remote kindergarten class.
  12.  I maximize my time and talent to help others log into online learning apps with a 50% success rate.
  13.   I give myself permission to count my kids’ typing Minecraft commands as reading and writing time.
  14. I am deeply fulfilled by the knowledge that even though I can’t go out to eat, I can occasionally order takeout instead of cooking three different dinners for the various eaters in my house.
  15. I can’t do all the things, but I can crouch just outside of view of my child’s class Zoom screen while ordering groceries on my phone.
  16. I am at peace knowing that the table won’t be ruined from the chemistry experiment forever. Just until I have enough money to buy a new table.
  17. Today, I will abandon my old habit of hiding in the laundry room to eat cookies and take up a new one of hiding in the closet to eat bacon.
  18.  Difficult times are part of my journey, but luckily this year’s journey only includes 500-800 more hours of remote schooling.
  19. I know I can nourish my body with the rest it needs. It just might not be until my kids move out of the house.
  20. Today may be a hard day, but I can get through it by knowing that this evening I can spend some time alone in my parked car eating popcorn while watching the live-streamed school board meeting.

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Julie Vick is the author of the forthcoming humor book "BABIES DON’T MAKE SMALL TALK (SO WHY SHOULD I?),"due out this summer. Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Real Simple, McSweeney’s and The Washington Post. Read more of her work at julievick.com.