Hilarious “Mom Version” of Bottle Cap Challenge

bottle cap challenge bottle cap challenge
Yeah, yeah, moms are busy. But not too busy to take on — and SLAY — the viral competition of the summer: the Bottle Cap Challenge.  In case you’ve been living under a rock: it all started when a pro martial artist took to social and unscrewed the top of a bottle with a swift roundhouse kick. He challenged a few people who challenged a few more… celebs got in on the action (Bieber, Jason Statham, Kendall Jenner in a thong bikini; even Mariah did it — or tried, anyway– with the power of her voice)… and now the phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. All you need is a bottle, a (trusting) friend to hold said bottle, and a vat of badassery.

Enter The Moms @ What’s Up Moms. Like a mom boss, Elle took to a half gallon of milk like an MMA master- because water would be too easy to clean. (You know it was organic, too.) Meg took it to the next level with a super mean “spin” cycle.  And Laura said rosé-all-day, but she said it with her quads and intensity.

Bottom line: Never underestimate a mom. #wegetitdone

P.S.- Make sure to stretch. Seriously. You will hurt yourself.  And check out the behind-the-scenes below!