Mom vs. Elf on the Shelf – Who Will Win this Epic Showdown?

Gotta be careful what you say around the little guy, right?* He does not play around. Like look at that ^^ action – he made me miss that sale. And I was trying to shop FOR MY CHILDREN. Mostly. Some more highlights (low points?) from our battle…

NOT in the holiday spirit.
He kind of nailed it, tho.
My nightmare. Any mom’s nightmare.
This was especially creepy. And so judgey!
OK this was the moment the sh&^% hit the fan. I am in huge trouble with my kids.

Wanna know how things turned out? Watch the vid ^^ to see for yourself. Enjoy these days of holiday prep/madness, and as you do…uh… maybe don’t mess with The Elf?


*No elves were harmed during filming.

UPDATE: The following year, the saga continued

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