The Best Free, At-Home Workouts

free home workouts free home workouts

The best home workouts are those that can be done with little to no equipment and quickly. If it can also entertain you, that’s a plus. With the gym being a little… well… ew right now, we tried out a bunch of free, non-gym workouts and are sharing 12 of our favorites that you can do from the blessed privacy of your living room. (We’d still advise a bra tho.)

For anyone looking to straight up burn away calories…

Nikki Carlson Fitness’s Hype & Tone

Nikki developed this high energy, music driven, whole body, mat-based fitness method and it is straight fire. It is a fusion of HIIT, Pilates and Nikki’s signature mindful movements, set to the beat of kick-ass music. Nikki doesn’t mess around, but I love how intentional her classes are. She incorporates mindfulness into each class, but also makes you want to shake your booty at the same time.  You can take her classes live in real time, or save them for when the time is right for you.  – E.M.

For anyone itching to get their Rocky on…

Nate Bower Fitness 

You can take his classes with or without a heavy bag, so it’s really user friendly for anyone interested in boxing. Classes range from beginner all the way up to advanced. I love Nate’s energy because he is calm but to the point, and he really pushes my physical limits.  His channel has a wide variety of class types and lengths, and you’ll definitely sweat your booty off while learning the fundamentals of how to kick someone else’s. – E.M.

For anyone looking for a supportive teacher vibe…

Joanna Soh 

YouTube queen Joanna Soh has a wide range of cardio and strength training exercises that aren’t too tough but will still get your blood flowing. She encourages viewers to use proper form, and she cheers you on in a way that’s peppy but not annoying. Each segment features a clock in the corner of the screen, a comforting way for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Start with her 15-Minute Express Workout and Lose Flabby Arms Upper body Cardio Circuit (No Weights) – T.L.

For anyone looking for straight-up fun…


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you haven’t been out dancing with your girlfriends in at least… seven years? Enter Clubfitz, the channel that offers dance workouts you can do in your living room. And the best part is you won’t be hungover the next day. Start with Post Malone before moving on to Cardi B and Snoop Dogg. – T.L.

For the yogis who are lovers but also fighters…

Fightmaster Yoga 

This channel has hundreds of classes that focus on literally every fitness goal whether it be getting a stronger core, a calmer mindset, a cardio workout, a more consistent yoga practice or killer yoga arms. Lesley Fightmaster’s emphasis on imperfection and self-acceptance makes yoga so much less intimidating for newbies, and allows advanced folks to give themselves room to grow. Fightmaster Yoga’s motto is “It’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect.” Lesley’s voice is calming and encouraging, and I even got my own mother to practice with her. Unfortunately Lesley suddenly passed away last year, and now her oldest son and husband, Indy and Duke, teach on her channel carrying on her legacy and vision.  – E.M.

For anyone who wants to shake their groove-thang…

The Fitness Marshall 

I love a dance class, and this cardio hip hop channel is super easy to follow. I love that this workout is centered on fun and inclusivity above all else. The instructors come in all shapes and sizes, which is honestly so awesome to see, and this immediately makes the moves and classes seem less intimidating to me. There are so many fun workouts to choose from depending on my mood or time constraints, and the music is always on point.  – E.M.

For anyone looking for a new BFF…

Koboko Fitness 

Personality goes a long way in the YouTube exercise universe and the Koboko Fitness channel radiates pure energy. Not only is Koko a certified personal trainer, she also seems like someone you’d genuinely want to hang out with IRL. It’s cool to have a real personal trainer without, you know, paying for one. Start with 7-minute Abs Workout Routine, and also try 5-minute HIIT Workout. – T.L.

For anyone serious about upping their health and nutrition game…


Host Maddie Lymburner is a chill Canadian whose workouts have the right amount of variety to keep things interesting. I appreciate that she gives instructions, sets the pace, then shuts her mouth, so you can do your thing without the background chatter (or with your own music). Also, her channel goes beyond the workout and offers nutritional support and guidance, with healthy recipes and a customized meal planner. Start with her 10-min No Jumping Cardio Fat Burn, ideal if you have a baby sleeping in the next room or don’t want to disrupt neighbors. Or just don’t feel like jumping.  – T.L.

For anyone who wants to learn from the master of HIIT workouts…


Plain and simple, Anna is a badass. She pours her heart and soul into these HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, which makes me want to pour my heart and soul into each class. The entire channel is dedicated to HIIT-style training, so if you are a fan of getting maximum results in the least amount of time, you’ll like these workouts because that is exactly what Anna delivers.  – E.M.

For anyone looking for the quickest workouts ever…


Some of us find it difficult to find time to squeeze in a full Pilates class. Good thing Cassey Ho aka ‘Blogilates’ makes videos that feature simple moves you can do anywhere, anytime — all you need is 5-10 minutes to spare. It’s kinda like speed Pilates, and there’s a reason she’s mega-popular in the fitness world. Start with POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout before scooting on to 6 Min to Sexy Arms. -T.L.

For anyone focused on strength training…


I love that this duo of instructors are male and female, offering a different perspectives on fitness. In the past, when it came to strength training, I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t want to bulk up. I learned that bulking up is actually really difficult to do, and that strength training is actually important for my fitness. I love these 20 and 30 minute classes, because the specific focus on getting stronger is very motivating. – E.M.

For runners looking for encouragement and community…

Nike Run Club 

I consider this free app essential for runners of all levels. Nike Run Club acts as your running coach while also keeping track of all of your distances and speed. The app tracks your progress; I found it especially helpful when I was training for a half marathon. On top of this, the it offers a curated playlist to keep you pumped up, and has a fun social networking component as well. Whether you’re new to running or training for a marathon, this is a super robust free app. – E.M.

For anyone who loves a free 30-day trial….

The Peloton App 

First and foremost, you do not need Peloton equipment to use the Peloton App! It has everything from running, spin, yoga, meditation, stretching, dance, strength training and now boxing. What I love most about this app is that really takes the thinking out of your workout, which, in turn, makes you more likely to do it. The technology is super interactive, and I have most recently used it from my phone for running. The Peloton instructors and community are what really make this exercise experience unlike any other. – E.M.

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