3 Balloon Activities

balloon activities balloon activities

If your kids love balloons, but blowing them up and letting them go makes you light-headed after the 18th time, check out these three balloon activities that are ridiculously easy to set up! 

1.  Dime Spinning

Put a dime inside a balloon before blowing it up.  Blow up the balloon and shake it until the dime starts spinning on its own. This is oddly captivating.  To up the game, you can paint two coins – nail polish works really well – and then race them and see which color lasts longer.  

2.  Magic Balloons

My kids can’t quite blow up balloons yet, but this experiment with baking soda and vinegar does it for them.  Fill ⅓ of an empty water bottle with the vinegar. Put a few tablespoons of baking soda into the balloon. Slip the balloon around the spout of the bottle and when you’re ready to tip it in and mix everything together.  The mixture creates carbon dioxide which expands and blows up the balloon!

3.  Balloon Tennis

To my surprise, this was such a huge hit- maybe Presley’s favorite?   All you need to do is secure a stick to the back of a paper plate and you’re ready to play!  Just make sure with all of these, you don’t let your kid suck on the balloon, and pop them when you’re done! 

Elle Walker is a co-founder at What's Up Moms and the mom to three kids (10, 7, 5). In her spare time, she loves testing out kids activities (often muttering, "Pinterest, you lie"), to find the best activities that minimize set-up, reduce costs, and uses stuff up around the house. Follow her behind the scenes at Instagram @whatsupelle. {{Privy:Embed campaign=591322}}