3 Fall Toddler Activities

toddler activities toddler activities

We’re so excited to have Tess’s adorable friend, Miles, over to try these three, easy to set-up Fall toddler activities.  

Fall Sensory Bin

First up, a fall sensory bin. The kids loved this, and it’s so good for the eye-hand coordination. I will say, Miles thought outside of the “bin,” and discovered that dumping corn on a car is really fun. For the most part, they were just busy pouring. Tess has been doing this non-stop.

Sticky Cobweb

Next up, is a sticky cobweb. I just took white painters tape and made 6 spokes in a door frame and connected those together.  It’s worth taking a moment to reinforce the sides and the joints so the kids can’t rip it down as easily. We gave the kids little leaves and spiders to stick on. It actually took Tess a minute to realize how to do this. She kept sticking it and then running away! But, when she finally figured it out she was so proud. To my surprise, the big kids came home and actually loved this. We definitely tested the limits of the cobweb.

Apple Stamps

Finally, we made apple stamps. You just cut an apple in half, stick a fork in it, and then we used washable acrylic paint. And yes, hair up and bibs on for this one! Miles went to town on the stamping right away. You can tell a toddler likes an activity when they start to shimmy. Tess also really enjoyed herself. She didn’t like getting her hands dirty but loved the stamping part. For bigger kids, you can decorate the pumpkins with googly eyes and stems. Afterward, we snacked on the apples – not the same ones, different ones. 😉

Elle Walker is a co-founder at What's Up Moms and the mom to three kids (10, 7, 5). In her spare time, she loves testing out kids activities (often muttering, "Pinterest, you lie"), to find the best activities that minimize set-up, reduce costs, and uses stuff up around the house. Follow her behind the scenes at Instagram @whatsupelle. {{Privy:Embed campaign=591322}}