Aluminum Foil 3D Drawings

aluminum foil 3d drawings aluminum foil 3d drawings

I remember loving these aluminum foil 3D drawings as a kid, and my second time around with my own kids totally lived up to the memories. Best of all, you probably already have everything at home to make these awesome, wall-worthy raised 3D aluminum foil drawings!


QUICK RECAP Draw a pencil design on the foam board (or heavy card stock or even cardboard – just stay away from the corrugated kind or anything with a texture that will show through.) Trace your design with glue (we used hot glue because my kids are not patient enough to watch tacky glue dry – it worked perfectly).  Lay your aluminum foil down and tuck it around the edges.  Carefully use a cotton swab to press against the foil until you see your design pop out.  Woo woo!!  You can leave as is, or color with some sharpies (not the fine sharp ones though, that will rip the art and cause chaos).  Another option is to rub black shoe polish and then wipe off (just keep wipies on hand).  These aluminum foil drawings make for fantastic wall art, or an impressive 3D card. 

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