3 DIY Water Toys That Are More Fun Than The Ones You Buy

DIY water toys DIY water toys

Just when you thought you’ve seen every ridiculous way to hack a pool noodle… well, surprise! Introducing some awesome DIY water toys that easily create loads of fun in the water, and are just as good — maybe better?– than the ones you buy.

1.  Water Bombs

Start by cutting the sponges into strips length-wise. You should be able to cut 4-5 strips from each sponge. Then, gather up 8 strips in whatever colors you like and wrap a rubber band around the middle and fluff out the sides. Ta-da!

2.  Fish Diving Toys

Start by painting your shells with bright acrylic paint. The larger shells are for the body and the smaller ones are perfect for the fins and tails. Draw eyes and lips onto the fish then attach the fins and tails onto the body with the hot glue gun. This is so quick and adorable, though they do fall apart after lots of use.  

3.  Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Cut the pool noodle in half, then cut two pieces of duct tape to approximately 19”. Place the first piece 8½” from the end of your noodle, wrap it around the bottom, and up the other side. Turn the noodle over, and repeat the same thing with the second piece of tape. Fold the corners of the tape up and over like you’re wrapping a present. Take the black electrical tape and wrap it around the top and bottom edge of your handle to hide the seams. Finally, we used colored tape to create buttons and designs to customize each lightsaber. This is such a fun activity for when friends come to swim. May the force be with you! 

*Special thanks to Coppertone for sponsoring this video!

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