Rules of the Registry Road WEEK 19

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Baby is 6 inches long, and that’s a sweet potato, people! Yam, if you prefer. Two particularly human-y things are happening this week: the sucking reflex is developing (you might even catch thumb-sucking action on ultrasound), and hair on the head is sprouting. Can you even stand it?

Especially if you’re feeling lightheaded these days, take it slow when you get up or change positions. It’s a real thing: your uterus is putting pressure on your blood vessels and there’s less and less space for your lungs to expand, so you’re getting less oxygen than usual. Dehydration can make wooziness worse so make sure you’re drinking plenty. Stash water bottles around your house so laziness is never an excuse, or buy a couple Big Gulp-sized grown-up sippy cups for your home and car and office that you can fill with ice water or whatever your beverage of choice. Except sorry, you don’t really have exciting beverage choices.

By now you know there are a lotta odd symptoms of pregnancy, but soon you may notice one of the oddest: the appearance of a dark, vertical line between your belly button and pubic area. This is the Linea Nigra (black line), and it’s actually always been there but you’re only noticing it now thanks to the hyperpigmentation that happens in pregnancy. If it hasn’t appeared yet, it will soon, and it will likely become even more pronounced in coming months before gradually fading after pregnancy. For now, just embrace the fact that it looks like you have a zipper going up your abdomen.

Your mom might be hounding you about completing your registry, and, gurl, she’s right on this one. You’ll want to check this to-do off your list sooner rather than later since people may be chomping at the bit to start buying you stuff and you don’t want to stop them! It can be overwhelming to dive into the world of baby gear, but our mini-guide can get you started, and you can also see some of our favorite stuff here where we’re always updating and adding new products.

Truth told, the registry process can be fun if you remind yourself that the stakes are low and that your registry needn’t be set in stone but rather can be ongoing and evolving. Plus, who doesn’t love an activity you can do from the comfort of your couch? (Though it’s pretty useful if you can go to some baby stores with an experienced mom friend to check out some things IRL.) And, quite honestly, in baby’s earliest days — and even months — you don’t need that much stuff.

A few registry key tips: 1) Create online and IRL registry options, because Gramma and her friends might prefer shopping in a brick and mortar store, 2) Don’t be shy about adding big ticket items – people sometimes pool resources to purchase these together, 3) Leave tags on as long as you can since you may decide down the line to exchange, and, 4) Don’t sweat it if you don’t receive everything; most places offer a discount for things you buy off your own registry. So listen to your mama and get to clicking.