Clear Out, B*^@*%$, I’m Nesting WEEK 30

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Baby is nearly 15 ½ inches — imagine the length of your tall rainboots — and 3 lbs. She’s nestled in about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid, although things are getting increasingly cramped in there as baby grows. In the next 2 ½ months, her length will only increase by about 4-5 inches, but during this time, she’ll gain a whole half of her total birth weight – like a wrestler packin’ on the lbs before a big meet. Right now baby may still be head up, or may have already pivoted into birthing position.

You’ll likely have an OB appointment this week, and in addition to checking all the regular stats, you and your doc might discuss The Birth. This is a great time to share your general hopes and wishes for labor and delivery. Ask any questions you have, big or small, and discuss any anxieties that are keeping you up at night — like at what point in labor should you call the doc? What if it’s the middle of the night? What if your doctor is vacationing in Hawaii – or doing a surgery? What will happen if you don’t make it to the hospital in time and have to give birth in your car? WHAT IF YOU POOP ON THE BED? There are no dumb questions, and trust us, there are none your doc hasn’t heard before. So let ‘er rip.

Around this time many pregnant women get a burst of adrenaline to prep for baby’s arrival  — excited or nervous or a jacked up combo platter of the two — and that’s THE NESTING INSTINCT. You may find yourself taking care of business in a serious way, like ironing crib sheets (when have you ever ironed a sheet before in your life?), re-organizing closets, or baking (and eating) a double chocolate zucchini cake every day for a week. It’s real. As it turns out, we humans are quite like our animal brethren in our legit biological — and emotional — urge to prepare the nest. So go for it. As long as you’re not climbing up ladders and crawling into cabinets, you’re good to go. Let that freak flag fly — and enjoy those pristinely-organized closets.

(Oh, and BTW, as for pooping on the bed … well, you might, but no one will tell you, and ignorance is bliss.)