Babe’s Bustin’ Out MONTH 2 WEEK 4

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

At nearly three months, your baby is filling out and outgrowing a lot of her newborn clothing and gear. And so begins the cycle of BABY STUFF.

If the bassinet is getting snug, it’s time to transition to the crib. Placing your teensy little baby in a big, empty crib definitely feels strange at first – you’ll feel like you’re placing your infant in a cavernous cave. But it’s important that the crib be clear of all soft bedding and toys; tell your baby (and self) that at one year you can introduce a cozy blanket.

Baby may also be outgrowing the swaddle. You’ll know she’s done with it when she starts to 1) use her arms and shoulders to bust out of it like the Incredible Hulk, or 2) roll over by herself. Luckily, baby’s startle reflex is fading and her movements are becoming less jerky now, so she’s ready to learn how to sleep without the swaddle. For warmth and coziness, she’ll then use sleep sacks (zip-up wearable blankets) or footie pajamas. 

Once baby can sleep with her hands-free, she’ll be able to use them as a soothing tool (AKA built-in pacifier) to help her sleep. This, combined with the fact that she’d now producing the hormone melatonin — a natural neurotransmitter that helps set the body’s circadian rhythm — means she’ll be sleeping some longer stretches at night, usually a chunk of around 5-6 hours. That’s delicious stuff.

As for all that outgrown baby stuff slowly filling up your home? Pay it forward by giving or loaning to a friend, and keep a spreadsheet detailing who has which pieces – it’s surprisingly easy to lose track. A local charity or national nonprofit like Baby2Baby is also a great way to clear your living space while providing gear to families who could use it. Everyone’s happy.