Tiny Person, Big Agenda MONTH 5 WEEK 1

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Much to your amazement, you’ll notice baby playing more by herself. Like a tiny person with a plan! Of course she loves engaging with you (and she finds you hilarious), but now she can also occupy herself a bit: exploring more with toys, putting everything in her mouth. This tiny glimmer of independence is exciting to behold. Still a couple years ‘til driving and college, but still.

She may now be holding the bottle and feeding herself (talk about independence!); just make sure you don’t leave her unattended with it. By now she may be a regular Buddha and sitting unassisted — or trying to, anyway — and not only is this a major developmental milestone, but it opens up adorable and fun possibilities for play. A whole new vantage point!

Now’s a good time to introduce the exersaucer, an all-star piece of baby gear beloved by all. The exersaucer is baby’s MAJORLY FUN MIND-EXPLODING DISNEYLAND EXTRAVAGANZA. Just stick her in the seat and she can stand with support and feast on colorful gadgets for 360 degrees around to practice cause and effect, fine motor skills, and bearing weight. It’s still best for baby’s physical development to be on the floor as much as possible, but the exersaucer is your friend when you need to prep a meal or send some emails. Hot tip: ask your caretakers to steer clear of using it with baby so you can save its use for yourself. Sitter’s gotta earn her hours, right?

By the way, since baby’s adorableness is off the charts, now’s a great time to have friends over. So especially if you’ve been off the grid, reconnect with your peeps now. It’s the perfect time – not just ‘cause of the aforementioned cuteness, but also you’re less neurotic about germs and you still have a month or two til baby’s “stranger danger” kicks in.

Plus baby’s socializing skills are so good they’ll make up for your rusty ones.