Heyyyyy, Girl MONTH 7 WEEK 1

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Lucky number 7! There’s a lot going on with your little one these days, so let’s take stock.  Baby may have already dropped the third nap (average age is between 6 and 9 months), and if she hasn’t yet, keep your eyes out for the signs – though you really can’t miss ‘em. She may start taking a long time to settle in her crib, or begin waking earlier than usual. She may simply start straight-up giggling and babbling through her nap time. That’d be a sign.

Baby’s new schedule means bedtime will shift earlier – and might hover somewhere around 7pm, give or take. She’ll still have a morning nap (often around 9ish), and an afternoon nap (often around 1ish). Once you settle into the new daily sched, you should notice that baby is getting better quality sleep. And that earlier bedtime is a sweet little gift for you. Get some date nights on the books!

During waking hours baby is realllly busy – possibly crawling already or on the verge. Yikes!

Baby’s other latest obsession: cause and effect. And now that she’s officially discovered that her actions make things happen, don’t expect her to let up anytime soon. Over and over (and over) she’ll delight in seeing your reactions to her facial expressions, or pulling a knob to make a toy talk, or kicking that piano on the activity mat to cue music. Can’t blame her – you’d feel drunk with power, too.

By the way, don’t be alarmed if baby experiences some sleep disruptions around this time. This is typical with all big developmental milestones, both physical and social/emotional. And speaking of sleep, good idea to lower that crib mattress if you haven’t already. Baby will soon be pulling herself up, and no one wants a jailbreak.