Get the Eff Out WEEK 4

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Baby is slowly starting to unfurl her limbs. Her legs are stretching out and she may even be able to lift and move her head from side to side while laying on her tummy. For feeding, continue to follow baby’s signals. If she’s gaining weight, though, and your ped is satisfied with her progress there, no need to wake her overnight to eat. That sleep is gold.

For those of you who haven’t left the house yet (save for doc appointments, of course), no judgment. Really!

For some new moms, it feels disconcerting to re-enter the world. And the prospect of taking baby out can be straight up daunting — timing feedings, trying to avoid germs, schlepping half your household belongings in a diaper bag with 1000 secret compartments, the car seat banging you in the side of the knees. Suddenly it can seem a whole lot easier to stay home.

Get out, though, and into the fresh air. Just a short walk in the neighborhood. Do it.

If nothing else, do it for the reminder that you are self-sufficient. You can treat yourself to a fancy coffee! You can sit and people-watch! Have a walk with a friend. Yes, you’re tethered to baby these days, but being out in the world reminds you that actually you, fundamentally, are a free woman. (If babe is with you, though, best to still avoid large, potentially-germy crowds.)

Some moms find it easiest to throw a muslin swaddle blanket over the carseat and pop it into a stroller frame for a walk. Bonus is you can toss the diaper bag in there and be prepared for anything. (Baby will be ready for sunscreen at 6 months – for now, keep her whole body shaded and her skin covered.) Others prefer to wear baby in a soft carrier, wrap or sling. Yes, these things look insanely complicated to put on at first and you will laugh and possibly cry when you first see the instructions, but soon you’ll be flinging them around your body like it’s child’s play.