Anthropologie Metallic Letters

anthropologie metallic letters anthropologie metallic letters

These faux zinc letters look exactly like Anthropologie Metallic Letters and are the perfect touch to your nursery or kids room. They cost about $18 (per letter!) at the store. The good news: they’re super easy to make at home. Even better news: They’re light enough to hang over a crib or a changing table!



  1. Paint each letter black in a thin coat and let dry.
  2. Using a sponge brush, paint a thin coat of silver on the letters. I like to paint in a criss-cross kind of pattern which gives the painting some texture and helps create the zinc look.
  3. Attach metal brads to give the letters a more finished look. Use an exacto knife to make a small slit and stick the brad in. Use velcro or double-sided tape to hang.

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