Growth Chart

growth chart growth chart

Our babies grow up way too fast so this DIY growth chart is a must have for your nursery or kids’ room. It’s super easy and costs less than $10 to make!



  1. Sand down piece of wood to make it splinter-proof for the little ones.
  2. Take ta ape measure and mark off the inches onto the wood. You probably won’t be setting it on the ground, so you’ll want to start around 6”.
  3. Continue marking off each inch until you go all the way until the end of the wood.
  4. Next tape off parts you want to paint. I taped off every 6”.
  5. Continue doing this all the way down the piece of wood. You want to put the tape where you don’t want paint.
  6. Paint the spaces you want there to be color.
  7. Place the sticker numbers onto the wood.
  8. Take a tape measure and a white paint pen and mark off the inches.

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