DIY Water Table

DIY Water Table DIY Water Table

This is one of our all-time favorite DIYs. It’s a must have for your backyard and for sensory play. With just a few materials to build and a little bit of magic, you’ve got the perfect source of entertainment for your toddlers.


  • 19ft of 3/4” PVC pipe (usually sold in 4-5ft lengths)
  • (8) 3/4″ Three Way Connectors (slip, not threaded)
  • (2) 3/4″ Tee Joints (slip, not threaded)
  • (2 ) 3/4” Elbow Connectors (slip, not threaded)
  • Pipe cutter
  • 40 Quart Storage Bin


  1. Mark your PVC pipe with the following measurements and cut with pipe cutter:

               2x 21”
               5x 14¼”
               4x 10”
               4x 3½”
               4x 16” (or to your desired height.)

  1. Build the base with two 21” and two of 14 – ½“ and make a rectangle with four of the three-way connectors.
  2. Next, make the top with two of the 10” pieces and join them together with a Tee joint. Repeat with the other two pieces. Join them together with your remaining three-way connectors.
  3. For the stabilizer bar, connect your 3 – ½” pieces into the bottom of each Tee joint.
  4. Add an elbow connector to each side, and place last 14” piece in the middle.
  5. Take the last four pieces, which are the legs and insert them into the base and then attach the top. Make sure everything is nice and secure.
  6. Place tub inside the frame, and you’re ready to play!


  • Make sure all your connectors are smooth inside and not threaded.  
  • You can make your table with any size bin, just measure the sides to determine the length you need to cut your pipe.
  • The legs can be any height, I made mine 16” so that it would be the right height for Lincoln.