Don’t Overspend on Kids’ Birthdays!

overspend kid's birthdays overspend kid's birthdays

We’ve thrown a lot of birthdays over the years and they can get expensive FAST.  Here are realistic ways you can save big on your child’s next party…and save your sanity along the way!

Double Up
There are only so many years you can get away with doing this. My boys were born just five days apart so we often have joint birthday parties because they share a lot of the same friends anyway. Consider throwing a birthday party with a friend who has a birthday around the same time as your child. To save money some years we have friend parties and some years we have family parties.

Less is More for Decor
Start with you already have! Carson is a Pokemon fanatic and Owen loves airplanes. Using toys that we had around the house, we then used that color scheme to buy a few new items from the Dollar Store.   The best deals at the Dollar Store are plates, balloons, and party supplies. A personal favorite of mine is their pom-pom balls; they make such cute decorations that your kids can help put together. To add personality to the party, narrow down ideas from Pinterest. For my sanity, I tend not to pick more than three. Photo booths and food are always a big hit.

Save on Food
Throw your party between 2-5pm because guests won’t be expecting a full meal. Sams and Costco have great appetizer options at a really small price point. We threw a dinosaur party for Carson with meatballs for dinosaur eggs, bugels for dinosaur claws, pretzels for dinosaur bones, and even cut out tortillas in the shape of dinosaurs. It was super easy and a big hit. If you want a really cute custom dessert, try cupcakes! We had DIY versions for Carson’s Pokemon party and Owen’s airplane party.  It turned out completely adorable and so inexpensive. If you do decide to go with a cake, Costco has the best deal around.

One Big Ticket Item
Pick one big item that all the kids will really enjoy. One of our favorites is a bounce house. Typically companies will drop this off the night before and pick up the following day so you have lots of time for fun. If you’re on a really small budget, see if you can have the party at a local park or at a splash pad. Another awesome splurge is to hire a clean-up crew to clean your house after the party is over. That is definitely worth it.

Party Favors
Avoid clutter party favors that will easily break. We try to buy things that are consumable and the kids can actually enjoy. Try things like bubble wands, applesauce pouches, chalk or even bath bombs.

Digital Thank You
Go digital! A simple text or photo of your child playing with the toy will make the gift giver feel so appreciated.

May the next birthday party be awesome and stress-free!

Kathryn is mom to two little boys and passionate about finding ways for families to stretch a dollar - and have fun getting there. She is the mastermind behind Doitonadime on YouTube where she shares truly doable budget and organizing tips.