Save Big on Energy Bills

save on energy bills save on energy bills

We’re always looking for easy ways to save money on energy bills, and teach our kids to be more environmentally conscious. From when to do your dishes, to what you’re probably doing wrong with your thermostat, here are some easy ways to save big on energy bills.

1. Save on electricity!  

  • Run your dishwasher outside peak hours to save 50% on energy bills.  Peak hours are usually 1-7pm, and running it off that time the electric company usually charges you less.  I think it’s great to do it at night because then you wake up to a clean sink in the morning…at least for the 5 seconds that it lasts for!
  • Teach your kids about energy saving and make it a game.  Go around the house and find everything with a red or blue light.  Even when those devices are off they’re still using energy. Unplug them or even better yet invest in a power strip so it’s really easy to turn on and off.  Just making this simple change can save you over $100 a year. If you haven’t already switch your light bulbs over to the LEDs. They last 10x longer and save up to 70%.  That means for the average household that’s around $230 a year. You can get them really inexpensively from Amazon or even your electric company.

2. Save on water & gas!

  • The biggest way to save money is to have energy efficient machines.  The biggest return on your investment is your washing machine. You’ve heard of Energy Star appliances, right?  If you have the logo on your appliance check with your energy provider and they may offer a rebate. You can save a ton.
  • If you aren’t due for an upgrade a very simple way to reduce water usage is to replace your shower heads with a low-flow option.  And shorten the length of your shower! As moms, I think we’re already winning with that one.
  • When brushing your teeth with kids, make it a game to see how fast they can turn off the water between rinses.

3. Heating and cooling tips!

  • Make sure you have good airflow in your house so furniture isn’t blocking vents and you clean the vent grates.  It’s definitely been a long time since we’ve done that at our house.
  • Make sure your air filters are changed out so you’re heating and cooling at the max potential.
  • Use ceiling fans to your advantage.  We all know fans can cool a room, but by reversing the direction of the blades during winter the hot air that’s risen to the top of the ceiling will be pushed down the walls to keep the room nice and toasty.  Look for that little button on your fan and give it a try! We have loved this tip.
  • Get a programmable thermostat that you can set on a cycle to use less energy when you’re not at home or asleep.  I think Owen sleeps better through the night when it’s cold!
  • Replace weather stripping around windows where needed, and anywhere where there are drafts consider making a draft guard.  We made our own using fabric, cotton and a little bit of rice to weigh it down.
  • Your blinds and curtains are a powerful tool to both heat and cool your house. Keep them open during the day especially if you have a southside facing house to let in heat and close them at night to reduce drafts.

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Kathryn is mom to two little boys and passionate about finding ways for families to stretch a dollar - and have fun getting there. She is the mastermind behind Doitonadime on YouTube where she shares truly doable budget and organizing tips.