4 Quick Hairstyles for Mom

quick hairstyles quick hairstyles

If you’ve become a one trick pony in the hairstyle department (pun intended), it’s time to add some new styles to your arsenal! We’ve got you covered with these four quick hairstyles for mom that won’t add extra time to your already busy morning routine.

1. Modified Chignon Bun – start by spraying some texturizing shampoo and then tease it. Pull it back into a low looped ponytail. Wrap the remaining hairs around the hair tie and then secure it with another elastic and some bobby pins.  This is a really easy way to make it look a little fancier. Now, just loosen it up in the back and in the front to make it look more full. This style is perfect for people with finer hair types or with medium to long hair length.

2. Faux Fishtail Side Braid – start by teasing the ends of the hair to make it more full.  Pull the hair into a side ponytail just under your ear. Make a little opening above the hair tie and flip the rest of the ponytail through.  Tighten it up and then repeat the same thing a few times down. Tease the very end of your hair. Pull some of the sides out for a more effortless look.  This is great for anyone with long hair or if you have no idea how to do a fishtail braid!

3. French Braid Bun – start by pulling a section back in the middle and then french braid it towards the back of your head. You only have to go half-way before it becomes too difficult to finish yourself.  Tie it into a ponytail, twist, and wrap the ends into a bun.

4. Side Swept Up-Do – pull your hair up leaving two sections out on the sides and tie into a half ponytail. Then loosen it up for a full high bun and secure it in the back with bobby pins.  For a final touch wrap a headband around and into a bow.

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Laura is the host of What’s Up Moms Style & Beauty series and the mom to two girls (6 & 4), two step-sons, and dog mom to one BooBoo. After her dream of being a midwife fell through (she fainted in a friend's delivery room), she enrolled in makeup school and learned some pretty awesome tricks along the way.