7 Home Makeover Ideas Under $100

home makeover home makeover

If the kids have your house looking like a playpen, it’s time to update your crib (and for once, we mean yours- not your baby’s!) Here are seven home makeover ideas under $100 to refresh your house. Sometimes, it’s the little things…

1. Table Nightstands
To update your nightstand think outside of the bedroom and use simple side tables with metallic accents. With this clean and modern look, you’ll want to stay in bed all day long.

2. Flexible Furnishings
A leather ottoman or pouf offers additional seating without the commitment. Add a tray and it makes the perfect table for a tea party.

3. Throw Pillows
If you’re constantly flipping your throw pillows and they’re still dirty it’s time to invest in some new ones. Follow the rule of three: pick a pillow with a big pattern, one with a small pattern, and one solid.

4. Hiding Toys
Use wicker baskets to attractively store small toys like blocks and laundry hampers for bigger ones such as balls. The open top may even encourage kids to put their toys away.

5. Vase Collection
Empty table? Assemble a collection of vases in a similar color scheme. Add flowers for different pops of colors and a beautiful fool-proof look.

6. Faux Fireplace
Don’t let a fireplace go to waste during the toddler years. Layer metal hurricanes with battery operated candles at different heights to create an even more beautiful glow.

7. Update The Guest Bath
Guest bathroom needs an update? Decant soaps an lotions into coordinating bath set. Roll towels in a pretty pattern and plant silk orchids and your guests may never leave.

8. Gallery Wall
Use tape to layout your gallery wall on the floor first.  Don’t be afraid to mix non-picture items with all of those cute kid pics. Gallery walls were clearly invented by a mom.

Enjoy your budget-friendly makeover…before your kids redecorate.

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