These Parents’ Hilarious Tweets About Bedtime Are All Too Real

The pleading. The whining. The excuses. Every parent of young kids knows the madness that is bedtime—and it’s a pretty good bet that most of us have lost it trying to present a calm, united front in the Battle of the Bed.

Fortunately, some parents channel their nighttime frustration into some pretty hilarious tweets, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Share them with your spouse the next time your little one calls out for their 12th glass of water.

Passive aggression can be an art form.

Sometimes a leisurely book isn’t in the cards.

Be prepared for next-level stalling techniques.

Sometimes, apathy is the only option.

Stating the obvious can be therapeutic.

Maybe a little supernatural support is what we all need? 

Always—always!—eliminate unnecessary choices.

Making sure both parents are on board with the nighttime ritual can be… challenging.

Sure, bedtime is hard, but to be honest, the alternative is worse.