14 Tweets That Show the Very Real Struggle of Feeding Kids

Remember back in the day when you used to look forward to meal times? That was fun. If you’re one of the many moms for whom getting food into your kids’ mouth holes is….um… an “adventure,” you might relate to these tweets from parents knee-deep in the food trenches:

There is no win. There is only try.

It helps to be realistic.

‘Too spicy’ is every child’s secret weapon.


Be sure to track where the food ends up.

Be prepared for things to get Oscar-level-dramatic.

It’s a thin line between success and failure.

Every parent has a threshold; you do what you gotta do.

No need to overthink the menu.

Negotiation always requires making some compromises.

What they don’t know can’t hurt them.

Not all kids are Harry Potter.

Understand that to children, time is fluid.

It’s healthy for kids to express their independence through their eating.

Sometimes, you have to take the high road.