10 Parents’ Tweets About Sleep That Will Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

tweets sleep parents tweets sleep parents

The teasing starts the moment you share that you’re pregnant: “Enjoy sleep while you can!” Unfortunately, this turns out to be one of those adages that’s 100 percent true. Horribly, torturously true. Tending to our adorable little dictators throughout the night—and/or waking up before dawn—is a tour of duty none us signed up for. At least these parents have turned their sleep-deprivation into comedy gold.

Don’t fight it. Resistance is futile. 

When your desire for sleep morphs into the Matrix. 

Think very carefully about your family planning…

Attempts to shame the children will likely sail over their heads. 

Lionel Ritchie must have had a nanny. 

Your body will likely betray you.

Look for the silver linings.

‘It’s only a phase’ doesn’t hold true, sadly.

When your battery is at 5 percent…forever. 

Accept the universal truth.