5 Dot Stickers Learning Games

learning games learning games

Dot stickers are an easy and clever way to help your little one practice numbers, letters and fine motor skills.  In no time, she’ll be at the top of her preschool class.

First things first, get yourself these Beautiful Dot Stickers and remove the white borders.

Dot Matching

Draw symbols on your stickers and then on a piece of paper (we wrapped ours around a shipping box), draw the matching symbols.  Have your kid match the stickers and tell you what shape they’re working with.

Scoopin’ Number Cones

Cut out cone shapes and label them with numbers.  Then your kid can stick the corresponding number of “scoops” on the cone.  This one is great for number recognition and counting.

Connect the Sticker Dots

Number dots and put them on a sheet of paper in a random order.  Have your kid connect the dots and discover the shape.  Great for fine motor skills.

What’s My Name

Draw your kid’s name on a big sheet of paper.  Then put the letters of her name on stickers and have her stick the dots into the letter.

Dot Sticker Art

Draw a design and have your kid fill in the design with the colorful dot stickers.

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