Easy Cardboard Crafts

easy cardboard crafts easy cardboard crafts

This week I noticed our recycling bin was overflowing with cardboard boxes so we decided to have a little fun with them. Maybe a little too much fun. I completely lost my voice.

Cardboard House

First, we made a house out of a TV box. We cut the back open to stabilize it. You could be done here if you want! It’s pretty amazing how excited little kids can get over the smallest things. We decided to go ahead and cut open a door and two windows.  I recommend an exacto knife – much easier than scissors! Next, we painted the entire thing with non-toxic paint. Actually, we didn’t paint it…Presley did the entire thing! I recommend putting plastic down underneath the cardboard. The plastic we used actually came with the TV. I did contribute by taking some white duct tape and lining the windows and doors which I think gave it just a neater look. Finally, we took a small box and used it as a mailbox, and hot-glued an “F” for Ford onto the door as a really nice embellishment. I was surprised by how much fun the kids had with this. I’d never done a cardboard house before! I will be doing this now every single year.

Race Track

Next, we made a race track using a long umbrella box, but you can definitely use a bunch of little boxes and tape them together. We first used red duct-tape to give it a little street cred. We secured one side to Ford’s crib and used two Ikea chairs as reinforcement about half-way through. Once that was done we “installed” an easy garage using a cardboard box where the cars could park. We made a gas station using a USB cord as the hose. And why not throw in a little cardboard store as well?! The kids had a ton of fun with this. Maybe a little too much fun! Overall, this one is a winner!

Cardboard Guitar

Presley has always wanted her own guitar so we took a cereal box and covered it with scrap paper. We used an exacto knife to cut two holes – one for the strings, and one where we put the handle (which was just an old paper towel roll). On our first attempt, we used cute push pins and styrofoam to hold Presley’s hair bands in place.  It looked awesome and it sounded sweet too, the sharp pins started to pop out so we had to think of a plan! I sacrificed a shirt to try glued on buttons, which did not work either, so FINALLY, we resorted to a good ole’ stapler and I can say third time’s the charm!

I hope you give these a try!

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