Rainbow Slime

rainbow slime rainbow slime

Looking for a foolproof, play date activity? Check out this simple, borax-free rainbow slime recipe!



First, you will combine 2 oz of Elmer’s glue with the food coloring and mix well. You will then add in the liquid starch, pouring in a little bit at a time and mixing in between. Once the bond starts to form, it will be easier to mix with your hands. If it feels slimy, continue until all of the starch is added and keeping working it with your hands. You will soon have a piece of slime with a rubbery and elastic texture. You will repeat this process until you have made every color that you want to include in the final product. Once every color is complete, mix them all together to create a gorgeous rainbow! This activity is super exciting for the kids, and surprisingly therapeutic for mom. Don’t forget to cover your slime when play time is over so that it will be fresh for next play time, or if mom needs some late-night stress relief. 😉 

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