Reusable Slime Bubbles

reusable slime bubbles reusable slime bubbles

These days kids aren’t just obsessed with slime, they are obsessed with blowing bubbles with their slime. And if you don’t have the right recipe for reusable slime bubbles, it can turn into a frustrating meltdown. Lucky for them (read: YOU), we’ve sorted it all out!



Pour an entire bottle of glue into your mixing bowl. Add a few drops of watercolor to make the slime a little more fun and give it a quick mix. Pour the liquid starch into another bowl, making sure it’s a 1:1 ratio. Then pour the liquid starch into mixture 1 oz at a time and once you’ve poured in all of the liquid starch, use your hands to knead the rest of the starch in. Pinch off a piece of slime, and insert your straw into its center. Make sure the edges are sealed well so no air sneaks out. Then blow!

It blew our mind how big the bubbles could get with such a small piece of slime, have fun!

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