Hi, I’m Heartburn and I Like to Rain on Parades WEEK 21

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

At 10.5 inches (a medium milkshake from McDonald’s!) and about 12.7 ounces, baby’s big enough that those little jabs and kicks are now more like thumps and thwacks. Outwardly you’re all Ugh, you guys, my baby keeps kicking me, ugh but inside you’re all More, please! Not only are baby’s fingers and toes fully formed, but so are her fingerprints and toe printswhich is extra sweet because in not too long these very handprints and toeprints will come back to you in the form of Mother’s Day art projects from daycare or preschool fashioned from washable, non-toxic paints! Ah, life.

Your ol’ friend heartburn might ramp up around now; in early pregnancy it was caused by hormones relaxing that trusty flap between your stomach and esophagus; as pregnancy progresses it’s compounded by your growing uterus pushing up against your stomach. If acid reflux is slowly killing your soul, be sure to eat small meals and drink liquids *in between* meals, not during. Elevate your sleeping surface with a pillow that positions you on an incline, or try raising the top of your bed a few inches by placing the legs on blocks. Also, lay on your left side since in this position, it’s physically harder for acid to reflux into the esophagus. OTC meds can help, too –  just be sure to check with your doc about a pregnancy-safe one.

Wondering if it’s a little toasty in here? It may just be you. Between hormones and your increased metabolism you’re one Hot Pocket (a great pregnancy snack, also). If that’s you, your wardrobe motto right now should be ANAP – As Naked As Possible. Dress for ventilation as much as you can; loose, lightweight layers are everything. If it’s weather-appropriate, wear sturdy sandals to keep your tootsies cool, just avoid heels or truly flat flats because you need arch support for the sake of your feet and back. At home and work, keep a small fan on hand so you can stay cool without having to blast the A/C and freeze the t*ts off everyone else around you.