Bringing Lady-Mustaches BACK! WEEK 22

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Baby is close to 11 inches long head to toe – much like a paper towel roll or a delicious ear of corn on the cob. She’s responding to sounds and you may notice that loud noises make her suddenly “jump” by contracting her arms and legs. She’s sleeping about 12-14 hours a day, and you’ll have a sense when those naps are taking place because baby will be not shoving you in the ribs during that time.

As for you, you’re loving your thick hair, AKA pregnancy’s greatest gift (aside from the baby), but the flip side of this wonderfulness is that hair may be more plentiful everywhere on your body, not just on your head. There’s always a flip side, isn’t there.

If you’re getting fuzzy in any new, unwelcome places (upper lip, jawline, bikini, areolas for crissakes), go ahead and wax, thread or shave to your heart’s content. But a couple words to the wise re waxing: 1) you’re more sensitive to pain during pregnancy, and 2) this isn’t the time to experiment with a cheap, sketch-ola place. And while we’re on the topic of ladyscaping, do keep in mind that there will come a time when you absolutely cannot bend over to shave anything whatsoever. And that time may not be too far off. Just for your planning.

While you’re still in Energizer Bunny mode, get crackin’ on lining up your pediatrician. You’ll be really glad to have this off your plate once you’re into the 3rd trimester and busy with all sorts of other important tasks like gorging on Netflix marathons and washing and folding tiny sailor suits (J/K!) (Kind of.).

Start by getting a few recs from like-minded friends and/or your OB and schedule some consults to see who you click with. Proximity to your home and general convenience are ABSOLUTE MUSTS (in caps because we’re yelling it) and you’ll also consider other not-so-minor details like office hours, the other physicians in the group practice, availability of after-hours care, and hospital affiliations. Once you decide on a ped, you’ll notify him or her that they are your choice and it will be an awkward yet pleasant exchange where you’ll feel a little like The Bachelorette picking a date and you will both laugh and say “Delighted to work together!” Then you’ll add their name to your hospital paperwork, and voila, s/he will be notified when baby arrives. Magic!