Back. The Eff. Up. WEEK 25

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

This week baby is almost 13 ½ inches long and weighs nearly 1 ½ pounds – around the size of a hairdryer (with diffuser attachment). Her nervous system is rapidly developing and she’s filling out and adding fat to her little frame.

By now you’ve grown so used to baby clocking you in the ribs that when you don’t feel a jab for a little while, you can’t help but wonder if everything’s OK. Usually you can get baby moving again by playing some music or drinking some juice or even just giving your belly a little press. If you’re ever in doubt, check in with your doc.

Speaking of belly-pressing…

You may find that people — from relatives to coworkers to the man in line behind you at Starbucks — are feeling verrrry comfortable reaching out and getting handsy with your belly. Some pregnant women don’t seem to mind this, but if this sends your boundary-meter clanging into code red territory, you are SO not alone.

Pregnancy is a funny thing in that it’s a very visible and public state; there will be times you feel like you’re on display. But, by all means, if you don’t like people palming your belly, be prepared with a line to say each time, as it can be hard to think straight in the moment. “Nothing personal, but I’d rather not be touched” should do the trick. Backing away also works. But some of us — horrified at the profound awkwardness of these moments — just freeze. Wherever you fall on this issue, just try to remember that for the most part, people don’t mean to act like creeps, they just get ridiculously excited about babies and the idea of New Life and want to celebrate your belly, forgetting that it’s attached to a body. Your body.

SO, moral of the story? Do you. Find the response that feels right. And if you got nothing, here’s one to try: put your hand on their belly. Uncomfortable. Beautiful. They’ll get it.