How to Make a Real Kaleidoscope

kaleidoscope kaleidoscope

Save your empty toilet paper rolls, and prepare to be mesmerized. We’ll show you how to make a real kaleidoscope. These are the perfect addition to play time, and are sure to inspire wonder and awe from your little ones.



  1. Cover the cardboard roll with the scrapbook paper to dress it up.  You can also use fabric or wrapping paper.
  2. If you’re using an empty toilet paper roll cut the mylar sheet in to 4×6.
  3. Make two folds to create a triangle and secure it with a piece of tape and slide the triangle into the cardboard tube.
  4. To create the endcap, take the piece of plastic and trace two circles on it using the circumference of the cardboard tube.
  5. Cut the plastic along the inside of your tracing. You may need to trim down the first one a little more. Pop the plastic circle into the kaleidoscope making sure it lays flat.
  6. Use a second cardboard tube to create the rotating mechanism. Cut off a piece about an inch wide and make a second cut down the middle. Fold it over about ½ inch and secure with a piece of tape. It should fit securely in the end while still being able to rotate.
  7. Take the second plastic circle and place it on top of the end cap and secure it with tape.  Finish it off with washi tape to give it a cleaner look.
  8. Add the beads into the end cap and attach it back to the base and you have a fully functioning kaleidoscope!

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