It’s Not (Exactly) Stalking MONTH 1 WEEK 3

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Baby’s really engaging more with the world these days. There’s that smile, of course. She can also track things with her eyes and follow sounds. And you’ll even notice her turning her face toward familiar voices.

With baby switching on “social butterfly” mode, it’s time for you to do same. If you haven’t already done so, get thyself out of the house and make some parent friends. (We don’t count. Sorry.)

No you’re not ditching your old friends, and they’re not ditching you either. But connecting with folks who are going through the same things you are is so valuable for bonding and support. It can be really comforting (and relieving)(and hilarious) to recognize your exact life in other parents’ tales – and vice versa. The explosive poop! Ha ha ha.

Here’s a good one-handed breastfeeding activity: poke around online to learn what kinds of parenting groups exist locally — anything from a breastfeeding support group to a regular parents’ meet-up to a playgroup. Ask around. You can also go the DIY route and create something yourself, which is not nearly as horrifying as it sounds, considering new parents are some of of the most open, kind folks around (chalk it up to sleep deprivation and the fact that they’re just happy to interact with a fellow grownup.) And you’ve got the perfect built-in ice breaker in those cute little babies of yours.

So you know that mom you’ve seen at the park a few times? There’s your target. Now, go zero in. AND PLAY IT COOL, OK?