Your Sweet, Wonderful, Boring Baby MONTH 1 WEEK 4

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Your baby’s on the cusp of being two months old! That’s big! Rapid brain development is continuing, and you’re seeing it a lot in their social engagement: smiling, cooing, and tracking (following) mom and dad almost 180 degrees. They’re really starting to respond to the world.

And yet. The days can drag.

So sue you. It feels good to admit it.

Your partner’s long since back at work, maybe you’re home all day… it’s a lot, and most moms will admit that all those hours with a newborn can be tedious. Even if your baby isn’t particularly “high needs,” there are, frankly, SO MANY hours to fill. Let’s be honest – newborns only do so much.

Particularly if you’re of the Type A persuasion, you might be looking for a general framework to help you shape all those hours. Try visualizing the day in rotating segments: 1) Eat, 2) Activity, 3) Sleep. (Here’s a sample schedule.) Babies this young aren’t ready for a clock-based schedule, but know that there are approximately 1- 2 hours between the time baby wakes from a nap and the time she starts the next one.

“Activity” can really mean anything from tummy time to taking a walk. Why not find ways to entertain baby that are also entertaining to you? Call a friend on speaker; the grownups get to catch up while baby is bathed in language. Put on some music – not baby music – and werk it. (Research shows that cool babies love T-Swizzle.) Take a trip down memory lane and show baby your college photos. Or put her in the bouncer and let her watch as you you take on a new recipe while you narrate.

Don’t stop thinking creatively. Give baby a chance and she can actually be a sweet — and game — playdate.