How to Make Marble Coasters from Clay

marble coasters marble coasters

Is anyone else always shocked at the price tag on marble coasters?! We figured out how to make marble coasters from clay and they were a total success. Your guests never have to know. 😉



  1. Pick what colors you want to use and cut off a small slice of each color. You want to end up with about 6 ½” pieces.
  2. Take each color and roll it out until you have a strand that’s 8-9” long.
  3. Once all your clay is rolled out, you’ll take the strands and twist them together.
  4. Then roll it into a ball. You’ll see a cool pattern start to appear.
  5. Roll out clay with a rolling pin and continue until you have a disc that’s ¼” thick.
  6. To create an even more marbled effect repeat steps 4 & 5.
  7. Create super-clean edge by punching out with a cookie cutter.
  8. Place coaster in the oven at 300° and let cook for 25-30 mins.
  9. Once cooked, color edges with a metallic pen.
  10. Finally, seal it with a coat of gloss glaze.

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