Market Stand Tutorial

market stand tutorial market stand tutorial

Drum roll, please… introducing the market of every kids’ dream! With this market stand tutorial, the imaginative play ideas are endless. Now, if only “grown-up” grocery shopping was this fun…



  1. Measure the surface of your market stand table so you can determine the length of the crossbars.
  2. Take that number and subtract 4 and cut two pieces of PVC pipe to this length. (We made 2 32” rods)
  3. Next, determine how high you want your awning to be and cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe at this length.  These will be the awning legs. (We made 2 24” rods)
  4. Cut 2 3” pieces of pipe that you’ll use to connect the legs to the side.
  5. Take 1 leg and attach it to your 45 elbow connector, add your 3” piece of pipe and finish it off with the T connector.
  6. Repeat the same steps for the other side and then add your crossbar in the middle.
  7. To make sides, determine your length by putting the base in its final position and then hold a piece of PVC up to the wall and take that measurement. (We made 2 35” rods)
  8. Add a 90 elbow connector on each end and then place your last crossbar in the middle.
  9. The frame is complete and now it’s time to add the fabric!
  10. Cut your material to the size of the frame leaving 3-4 inches around all the edges and then glue it directly onto the PVC pipe.
  11. Attach the awning onto the wall using these command hooks.
  12. OPTIONAL: Add cute trim by cutting triangles out of yellow fabric and attaching it to the inside with double stick tape.
  13. Finish off with fun accessories to make it look like a store – baskets, food, mini cash register, and even a sign.

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