Transform Your Backyard For Outdoor Entertaining

outdoor entertaining outdoor entertaining

You’re hosting a BBQ tomorrow! Don’t run away. Here are seven tips to help you transform your backyard for outdoor entertaining. Painlessly. You’ll take your backyard from playpen to party in no time.

1. Set The Table
Add a pop of color to neutral outdoor furniture with a set of bright melamine dishes and acrylic glassware which are not only dishwasher safe but also break-resistant. Pretty dishtowels work perfectly as napkins.

2. Choose Long Lasting Centerpieces
Plant succulents in a wooden serving bowl or box for an impressive centerpiece that with only a little attention will last the whole summer.

3. Add Seating
Don’t make your guests sit criss-cross applesauce, add additional seating with garden stools.  Seat cushions on your existing furniture make it more comfortable for guests to linger at the table.

4. Set Up Stations
Avoid bottlenecks by setting up drinks closest to the entrance and food towards the back.  Chalkboard menus are an elegant answer to the question “what’s for dinner?”

5. Encourage Play
Create a family-friendly atmosphere with lawn games like cornhole. While they’re practicing hand-eye coordination you may even get a second to catch up with friends.

6. Set The Mood
Place lanterns with flameless candles at different heights throughout your yard to create an inviting setting. Pop a pre-made summer playlist into a wireless speaker and dance the night away.

7. Make Guests Comfortable
Toss blankets over patio furniture to not only add color but also to keep adults and little ones warm. You’re a mom! You think about these things.

Now that you’re all set, there’s only one thing to worry about – getting everyone out of your yard before bedtime.

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