How To Salvage Clothes and Bring Them Back To Life

salvage clothes salvage clothes

Before you say goodbye to the sweater your husband accidentally threw into the dryer, or your jeans with holes in the back pockets (anyone else’s kids pull at these all the time?!), here are some tricks to bring them back to life, and in your closet again. 

Holes in Jeans
I have holes in the butt of my jeans from my kids pulling on the pockets all the time. A great way to remedy this is to pick up some patches.  Turn the jeans inside out, put the patches on and then iron for about 45 seconds.

Shirt Holes
If your kids are constantly pulling on your sweater you tend to end up with a lot of holes. Take the sweater to a tailor, it’s about $10, and they will completely salvage that hole. For the bigger holes your tailor can’t fix, you can take it to a re-weaving place; it’s a little more pricey but it’s worth it for the things you absolutely love.

Using a razor to remove those little pills that accumulate on a well-worn sweater actually works.  They also actually make a tool for this – and they totally work!

Our favorite heels always end up looking so beat up, and I just don’t have the time to get new ones, and of course, the money. Go to a cobbler for about $10-$15 and they can completely fix your heel.

Shrunken Clothes
I hate it when my stuff gets put in the kids hamper and comes out shrunken, but it can be reversed! Use conditioner and water and soak it for about 10 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and gently stretch it back out or leave it over a chair and let it air dry.

Hopefully these tips have help save some of your favorite items!

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Laura is the host of What’s Up Moms Style & Beauty series and the mom to two girls (6 & 4), two step-sons, and dog mom to one BooBoo. After her dream of being a midwife fell through (she fainted in a friend's delivery room), she enrolled in makeup school and learned some pretty awesome tricks along the way.