10 Ways to Dress Up Sweats in Public

dress up sweats dress up sweats

Can’t imagine life without sweats? Neither can we, because let’s face it: real pants are overrated. So go ahead and wear them loud & proud with these ten ways to dress up sweats in public. No shame in this sweats game.

1. Tuck It In
You’re too late for carpool and you have to walk your kid into school looking like a mess? Button and tuck in the front of your shirt for an instantly more pulled together look that says, “my morning was not chaotic.”

2. Pair With A Blazer
Got mommy and me before work? Don’t attempt circle time in a pencil skirt.  That’s just silly. Stick with silky pants and a basic tee. When you get to the office add a light-weight tailored blazer and rock this unexpected look like a boss.

3. Add Pop Of Color
It’s game on. Let’s do this. For a sporty, chic look vibrant sneakers add a fun pop of color that will make you stand out in a crowd. Literally.

4. Try New Fabrics
Closet looking like 50 shades of grey? Try new fabrics like denim sweats or bold patterns like safari-inspired pants.

5. Accessorize
We get it – no real pants, but what about real shoes? Kick off your old flip-flops for a pair of metallic gladiator sandals. Finish the look with stacked metal bracelets and strut your stuff.

6. Think Layers
Flying with kids seemed like a good idea when you booked tickets. Start with your sweatpants as a base and add layers. A utility jacket and stylish scarf will keep you warm on the plane. Dark shades will hide the fact you’ve been up all night packing.

7. Oversize It
Look good for the man in your life (the one that counts!). Pair an oversized knit sweater with slim cropped sweats and he’s sure to notice you.

8. Add Height
Get yourself a pair of platforms to elevate basic sweats because a little height makes everything better. Just make sure you have something to brace yourself on when you eventually stumble. It’s been awhile.

9. Go Jean Jacket
Playground bound? Throw on a pocketed denim jacket with your cotton sweats for a look that’s both stylish and functional.

10. Mix & Match
Finally, you’ve made it out of the house for a much-needed girls brunch. Don’t be afraid to wear a trendy top with your go-to sweatpants.

Now that you’re stylin’, share this with a friend who appreciates a good elastic waistband.

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