7 Genius Halloween Costumes You’ll Definitely Wear Again

You’ve decorated the house, prepared for trick-or-treaters and nailed your kids’ costumes. Now it’s your turn– but don’t get stuck wearing the same old witch costume again, you’re better than that! Here are 7 costumes you can put together using clothes you probably already have in your closet:

1. Hollywood Starlet
Ditch the sweats for Hollywood glam! Pair a little black dress with costume jewelry and classic black heels. Three items that will never gather cobwebs at the back of your closet.

2. Aviator
Throw on a Shearling jacket, aviator sunglasses, and knee high-boots and you’ll be flying through the neighborhood in style.

3. Mime
Red pumps, black pants, and a striped shirt. Think inside the box with this easy and entertaining mime costume. Added bonus: now your kids don’t have to pretend they don’t hear you.

4. Pageant Queen
Get out the princess crown because there she is… Miss Mom! Dress in an elegant full-length gown and practice your wave.

5. Fortune Teller
Be the perfect fortune teller with a patterned maxi skirt, peasant blouse, bangles, and a headscarf. You don’t need a crystal ball to know you’re in for a late night.

6. Cowgirl
Some things just always work. Take the plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots combo to the next level with a fringe vest and you’ll be prepared to graze all evening.

7. Cat Burglar
Top a sleek all-black ensemble with a leather moto jacket and borrow some jewels for a convincing cat burglar costume. Just try not to get locked out of the house.

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