18 Funny Tweets About What Happens To Parents’ Lives Once School Starts

tweets school starts tweets school starts

Sure, you couldn’t wait for that very long summer to end, but now look what’s happened to your life. Make no mistake: when the kids start school, the whole family starts school.

Like most milestones, starting school is an adjustment for kids and their parents.


Being in charge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Have the confidence to march to your own beat.


You and your kid may graduate to a whole new level of teamwork.

Maybe you never wanted to be on the team in the first place. Irrelevant.

You may start to feel like you should be getting paid.

Emotions may come to the fore.

You will find ways to cope.

The art of the excuse. You will get really, really good at it.

Kids aren’t the only ones who get to explore their own personal style.

A family’s first school often leads to lifelong friendships.

You’ll find that curricula vary widely.

All teachers have their own style; some might be using the dark arts.

Expect your number of sick days off of work to skyrocket.

Like any mom, you’ll do whatever it takes to best support your child’s learning.

Sure, there are some to-dos involved….

But when that bell rings, it all feels worth it.