16 Funny Tweets From Parents Seriously Celebrating The Start of School

tweets parents start school tweets parents start school

That whoooosh sound? It’s the collective fist pump of parents heard ‘round the nation. School is on, baby, and parents are celebrating hard. Sure, there are supplies that need to be bought, eleventy-million lunches to make and PTA meetings to endure…. but none of this matters because SCHOOL IS IN SESSION.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎶

Like being a child again.

You’re so excited. And you just can’t hide it. 

Your people get it.

The anticipation is everything.

Small pleasures take on gigantic, thrilling proportions.

Who needs drugs?

You notice a new, creative energy burning within you.

Maybe this is what they call flow?

Don’t let the kids rain on your parade.

You earned this.

In *certain* moments you may need to dial it back. 

Lunch… or a piece of modern art?

Keep in mind your kid may have some mixed feelings about the start of school…

…But you don’t, so. 

And if you’ve still got a bit of summer left, some words of comfort:

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